Author: oddbitmachine

Let’s make an MSX game – Structure and Organization

A couple of weeks ago we started the game concept design and added some basic code that resulted in our sprite being loaded in the graphic mode screen, which was nice and fun. The problem is that our code looks and feels rushed, with lots of hard-coded memory addresses and repeated commands all over the…

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Let’s make an MSX game – Game concept

Any game creation should start with a story, a premise, a reason explaining why things are happening, or anything that justifies the events we will witness develop on our screens. It doesn’t need to be a Shakespearean screenplay or even make any sense at all, as long as it can be translated into a playable…

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Let’s make an MSX game – Starting now!

After studying, reading, and playing a lot with assembly code on the MSX, I finally decided to start to develop a proper game. As Voltaire once said – “Perfect is the enemy of good”, and trying to achieve the best knowledge possible about the subject would end in a quest that could take years and…

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